Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I will live for my kids

I don't have the best parents in the world. My dad checked out when I was younger and my mom about 5 years ago. I've realize that they have their own issues that have nothing to do with me. I think God gave me these parents so I would know how to be a better one. Now, I'm not the best mother and I don't claim to be. I have made many mistakes but, I do the best I can. I know I still have a lot to learn about what it means to be mom and I welcome that. A friend said to me today that people will die for their kids but, will they live for them. Those words were very powerful to hear and I'm here to say, "I will live for my kids".

My Pledge

I pledge alligence to my children, Creanna, Abby & Ericson. I will love you. I will nourish you. I will encourage you to grow and take pride in yourself. I will dare you to dream and dare you to chase those dreams. I will let you blossom and when it's time I will let you go. Just know that I will never quit on you. I will always be your #1 fan and your loudest cheerleader as long as I am on this earth.

Peace & Happiness,


  1. AWWW... that just about made me cry. You are a great mom and I know you love those kids very much (how can you not?) Keep up the good work, and no matter how you raise your kids, they will always blame you for the way they were raised!! haha.

  2. You have inspired me to write a pledge (And LIVE it!) for my Little One arriving in May! Thank you!!

  3. Thank you both!!! Siseneg, Congratulations and I'm glad you found value in my pledge.
    Have fun writing yours!