Friday, February 25, 2011

Giant Snowman

It has been snowing here for a couple of days now. While it is pretty to look at
I absolutely HATE the snow. It's too much work. The kids running in out. My baby who wants to be out with his sisters but, really shouldn't. Little puddles of water everywhere that I step in with fresh dry socks. Ugg! This is how I feel about the snow.

The good news is that Lance was off yesterday so, he was on snow playin duty. He and the girls built an awesome snowman. The best I've seen on Holly LN yet! I'm glad the girls got to spend time with their Dad and make some good memories. Crea is so proud of their work.

The snowman was heavy leaning yesterday we'll see how long he stays up! More snow on Sunday then on to Spring! Okay, wishful thinking!

Peace, Love & Happiness


  1. Cute pic of Crea and daddy!!

  2. Thanks Sarah! Lance was proud of his snowman
    too! He's got a bit of a gangsta lean going on now! Hope your feeling well these days!

  3. that looks so fun... it never snows where i am at. San Diego.. the moutains get them but hubby refuses to drive in such conditions =/

  4. The snow is all gone now. Is it sunny in San Diego?