Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Wipes

We ran out of baby wipes the other night and instead of hopping in the car to make a
Target run, that would end up costing me way more than the 1 box of wipes I went for, I decided to make my own. I haven't done the math but, I'm pretty sure my box of 100 only cost me a little over a $1. Plus,the best part is I know exactly what I am putting on my baby's tushie. No bleach, ammonia, or chlorine! It was super easy.
A few products, a roll of paper towels and a container for storage. I recycled my old wipe container but, you could use any plastic storage with a lid. The hardest part was pulling the cardboard out from the middle!

I encourage you to make your own. It was so easy! I should of done this a long time ago! Like 2 babies ago!

Peace, Love & Happiness,

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  1. You are one smart mama, Helen! I admire you! I'd try it if I needed wipes anymore!